About My Classes

My yoga classes feature challenging poses embedded in eloquent sequences with detailed instructions on how to move into your fullest expression of each pose. I offer students a dynamic vinyasa practice infused with a devotional intention that integrates vigorous movement with focused attention. I encourage full-body breathing (ujjayi breath) as the means to keep one’s consciousness connected to the body throughout the duration of each practice, play an uplifting and eclectic music mix that echoes the philosophical theme of each class, and keep the mood light with a generous supply of humor and spontaneity. My classes begin with chanting and a little experiential yoga philosophy and culminate with a brief meditation. My goal is help students experience the distinction between their moving, breathing body and themselves; the person who is watching the body move and breath. My hope is for every student to leave feeling physically and spiritually exhilarated.

About Me

I’ve been interested in yoga, meditation and eastern spiritual philosophy for as long as I can remember. From 1977 through 1982 I lived full-time in devotional yoga ashrams and intentional spiritual communities. After many years of practice I began my career as a yoga teacher in 2009. I make my yoga philosophy workshops and courses accessible and intellectually stimulating by encouraging a lot of active participation, discussion and discovery. I am registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500-hour teacher and hold an 800-Hour Jivamukti Yoga teaching certification. My regular teaching schedule includes classes in the DC area and workshops throughout the Mid-atlantic region. I also offer yoga retreats and Yoga Teacher Training courses, lead workshops at national conferences and festivals, and write for teachasana.com.

Hari and his class will take you to a place you likely haven’t been. When was the last time you learned yoga philosophy, rocked out to psychedelic jams, laughed at yourself, all while practicing a vigorous creative vinyasa? Hari is very knowledgeable and gives excellent instruction.” — - Tyler P.

Hari translates complex spiritual and yogic theories into easily understood terms that reveal their relevance to our 21st century lives. And most importantly, he does this with humility and light-hearted attitude. — - Yuuki S

As a marathon runner and triathlete I frequently struggle with muscle tightness and injury. Hari has thoughtfully tailored classes to my needs and spent time working with me individually on specific poses to address these problems. I have no doubt that Hari’s Jivamukti class has contributed significantly to my recent performance improvement and helped me stay injury-free. But my favorite aspect of Hari’s classes is the atmosphere. Hari is an incredibly patient and intuitive instructor, and he creates a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable challenging yourself. — Bronwen R.

Hari brings something new to every class, and you can count on his humor to relieve tension when you’re in a difficult pose. He maintains a calm and relaxed (but challenging!) atmosphere while being very much in touch with the spirituality of yoga. — - Rui F

Not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to have out-of-body experiences. — – Samantha H

Hari brings a seasoned intuitiveness to his classes. They are a balanced mix of stimulation for the mind, body, and soul leaving you spiritually and physically uplifted at the end. And he does it all with a warm smile and gratefulness for sharing his journey. — Thom M.

You’re a great teacher – I’ve been practicing yoga since 2005, and yours stands out as a most fun class. — Liz M.

What I find most gratifying in Hari’s workshops is that I get the whole package – the sum total experience of yoga as a spiritual, holistic, life changing whole. — - Jennifer O

“I particularly appreciate Hari’s ability to describe and demonstrate in great detail each asana or position. He is extremely good at breaking each pose into discrete parts and then, in a clear fashion, leading you to put them all together. I gained a new awareness and respect for the complexity and nuances of apparently “simple” poses.” — - Courtney R

Hari approaches each class holistically – with thoughtful words at the beginning, great music, and challenging poses each working in tandem. By the end, you feel strong, healthy, and rejuvenated! — - Katy C