Conversations with Hari-kirtana das

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Yoga Talks Podcast with J. Brown

Hari-kirtana das returns to revisit questions of nonduality and the relationship between an individual soul and a supreme being.


Empowered Connection Podcast with Damodar Cordua

In this spiritually inspiring episode Hari Kirtana Das shares with Empowered Connection Podcast host Damodar Cordua some of the key transformational truths of the Bhagavad Gita, one of the world's perennial wisdom classics.


CHITHEADS Podcast with Jacob Kyle

In this conversation with Jacob Kyle, Hari-kirtana speaks about Bhakti-yoga as the process of awakening the relationship between the self (atma)and the Supreme Self (Paramatma), the differences and similarities between the teachings of Krishna and those of Jesus, why the practice of Yoga is not post-modern, the relationship between faith and knowledge, the five functions of Yoga Philosophy, and the four Pillars of Dharma.

Curious Monki Podcast with Veronica Thai

In Part One of this two-part interview, Hari-kirtana das speaks with Veronica about how the ancient texts of yoga like the Yoga-sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad-gita are essentially handbooks to enlightenment and a life full of bliss and joy.

Curious Monki Podcast with Veronica Thai

Part Two of this conversation, Hari talks about how he failed his way to success, what it really means to quit, why sometimes quitting is the right thing to do, and his approach staying grounded when things don't go according to plan.

DC Yoga Podcast with Chris Parkison

In Part One of this two-part interview, Hari-kirtana das speaks with Chris Parkison about finding yoga as a teenager, yoga and the counter-culture of the 1960s, living in yoga communities, learning Yoga as spiritual philosophy instead of asana, Jivanmukti yoga, teaching asana as a platform for devotional practice, yoga as spiritual technology and science, travels in India, getting started as an asana teacher in DC, weaving philosophy into the asana practice, and types of meditation and how to practice.

DC Yoga Podcast with Chris Parkison

Part Two of Hari-kirtana's conversation with Chris Parkison. Topics include yoga and Transcendence, Yoga Teacher Training Programs, learning to develop your unique gift as a yoga teacher, practical tips and tricks of yoga teaching tradecraft, active listening as yoga, cultural appropriation, the origins of yoga in transcendence rather than culture, the mistake of reinventing yoga to fit our desires, yoga, and Hinduism, yoga as both religion science, teaching yoga in public schools and the Church/state debate, the meaning of Dharma, and the Bhagavad-gita.

Love Teaching Yoga Podcast with Michelle Linane

In this episode, Michelle speaks to Hari-kirtana about how yoga teachers can integrate yoga philosophy into classes and workshops. Topics include Hari’s seamless structure for introducing a philosophical theme, how to format your class around that theme, the difference between your personal truth and personal realization (and why your personal truth is not yoga wisdom), what makes a teacher qualified to teach yoga philosophy, how to overcome imposter syndrome, two easy tips to feel more comfortable speaking in public, things to avoid when integrating philosophy into your teaching, and why humility is a mandatory pre-requisite for knowledge and the first symptom of wisdom.

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