Q&A With Hari-k

What does it mean to be ‘eternal’?

By Hari-kirtana | April 17, 2018

Q: During yoga classes, teachers often talk about how everything, with the exception of our eternal spirit, is impermanent. Using the word ‘eternal’ implies permanence so I just want to confirm my understanding that all is impermanent except for our eternal spirit. Is this a correct understanding? A: Yes, you’re understanding is correct: according to yoga philosophy, everything in the […]

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What Does The Bhagavad-Gita Say About Gay Marriage?

By Hari-kirtana | April 4, 2018

I’m often asked what traditional yoga wisdom texts have to say about homosexuality and gay marriage. ‘May all beings be happy and free’ is a traditional benediction that’s commonly recited in modern yoga classes. Given the all-inclusive nature of the benediction, one may take it for granted that yoga philosophy supports the rights of everyone – straight, gay, and otherwise […]

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Why Does ‘Bhakti’ Mean Different Things to Different People?

By Hari-kirtana | December 22, 2017

Question: In the course of studying yoga and visiting different spiritual communities, I’ve come to find that there are a lot of different conceptions of what bhakti-yoga is and what bhakti is meant to teach us. Would you please explain why these differences exist and what those differences are? Answer: Bhakti does indeed play different roles in different schools of […]

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Can ‘Yoga’ Mean Whatever We Want It To Mean?

By Hari-kirtana | November 27, 2017

 Question: I’m enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training program. On the first day of the training the instructor asked us to share our idea of what ‘yoga’ meant to us. Everyone had their own idea about what ‘yoga’ is and what it means to them. At the end of the discussion the trainer said, ‘whatever yoga means to you is […]

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