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I’m not doing anything

By Hari-kirtana | December 31, 2019

Well, that was intense… and scary and strange and tragic and wonderful – so long, 2019! It’s natural to look back at the end of the year and reflect on what we’ve done before we look ahead to what we hope to do. Personally, my tendency is to think more about what remains to be done rather than about what […]

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How do we know what’s true?

By Hari-kirtana | November 22, 2019

After a couple of weeks of watching the competing narratives coming out of the impeachment inquiry, I felt inspired to sit with the question: how do we know what’s true? Conventional wisdom tells us that we live in a post-truth world where up can mean down, forward means backward, and left and right mean really left and right. Separating fact […]

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Designing a Yoga Class Around a Philosophical Theme

By Hari-kirtana | January 20, 2019

A Case Study in Yoga Class Design I smelled smoke. I felt heat. I couldn’t see a thing. My senses sent urgent messages to my mind, which quickly analyzed the data and delivered its conclusion: “You’re going the wrong way! Go the other way!” I ignored my mind and continued to walk through the pitch-black room, slowly but steadily moving […]

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The Yoga of Voting

By Hari-kirtana | November 5, 2018

I don’t know why I’m so surprised when I meet young people who have no interest in voting. After all, I didn’t vote the first few times I could have. Watching the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement play out on the nightly news inspired my youthful interest in politics. But by the time I graduated from high school […]

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Being Present Through Transitions

By Hari-kirtana | September 4, 2018

The ‘official’ summer season, as opposed to the calendric summer that still has a few weeks to go, has come to an end. Back to school, back to work, back to whatever we get back to when September arrives. September is a month of transitions. The Sanskrit word ‘sandhya’ describes a juncture between one time and another, such as the […]

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How to Help Students Let Go

By Hari-kirtana | August 5, 2018

I was speaking with a fellow yoga teacher last week about how to integrate philosophical themes into our classes. She mentioned that sometimes she’s not so interested in hearing any philosophy, that sometimes she takes a class with the intention of just letting go of stuff that’s been weighing her down. And when she takes a class to unload her […]

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