Embark on a Journey of Self Discovery

Mentorships offer you an opportunity to explore the space where philosophy, spirituality, and personal development converge. If you're seeking a genuine sense of connection and personalized guidance on your spiritual journey, you've arrived at the right place.

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A commitment to inclusive and expansive dialogue

My mentorship programs offer a unique blend of structure, flexibility, accountability, and freedom tailored to the individual or group. 

If you're someone who

 grew up in a strident religious environment that was hostile to critical thinking, your political views, or even your sense of identity,

grew up in a home where religion was discouraged and no one was interested in your questions about life, death, or God,

is committed to pursuing personal growth or developing leadership skills that are grounded in spiritual principles,

wants to deepen your experience of yoga as a spiritual practice and is eager to learn more about its wisdom tradition,

then here's your opportunity

to talk about the big questions in a safe space with someone who can help you discover the answers for yourself.


Start Here

with a FREE guide to spiritual self-inquiry - an easy way to speak to your innermost self and find the words to describe how you really feel about your own spiritual journey.

"Hari has significantly transformed my life. His clear, knowledgeable, loving, and patient explanations of difficult concepts have helped me understand how to apply my spirituality to everyday matters."   ~ Be Luecke, Yoga Teacher

"Hari’s warmth and humor creates the ease necessary to ask difficult questions without letting the gravity of the subject matter make you feel intimidated."   ~ Christopher Rzigalinski, Freelance Journalist and Spiritual Activist

"Hari makes learning fun. I am continually gaining more awareness and perspective as a result of his mentorship."    ~ Syamala Priya devi dasi, Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, Yoga Teacher

"I've enjoyed virtual mentoring with such a knowledgeable teacher who responds with heart and clarity, making sure he understands what my goals and true questions are."   ~ Beth Mwano, Dancer/Choreographer, Yoga Teacher, Creative Healer

“Working with Hari one-on-one has made me a better teacher and business owner. Moreover, he’s taught me how to make yoga a more complete spiritual practice in my life."   ~ Adam Elenbaas, Astrologer and Author

how it works

Mentorship Program Structures


  • Limited to 6 participants for an intimate and engaging experience
  • 4 online group sessions (60 minutes each) and a 30-minute one-on-one session for each participant
  • Recorded sessions and a private WhatsApp group foster ongoing engagement
  • Application-based participation ensures a balanced and supportive group dynamic


  • Personalized with a free 30-minute consultation to align goals.
  • Customized schedule with 60-minute sessions every two weeks, exploring prescribed readings or projects.
  • Recorded sessions, feedback, and encouragement for experiential knowledge development.
  • Flexible, with the option for a fixed number of sessions or open-ended exploration.

Materials provided for all mentorship programs: Readings of classical spiritual literature from the Vedic wisdom tradition, books, essays, worksheets, and guided meditations authored by Hari-kirtana, video recordings of relevant classes by other teachers, and other meaningful resources.

Group Mentorship Tuition: From $147 to $207 per participant, depending on the nature of the program.

One-on-One Mentorships: Sliding-scale donations ranging from $64 to $108 per session.

Group Mentoring Program

The next series of group mentoring sessions will begin later this spring. Details about the focus of our 2024 sessions will be announced soon. If you're interested in learning more about group mentorships,


One-on-One Mentorship

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with me one-on-one, please click on the button below to tell me a bit about where you're coming from, where you're at, and what your goals are.