Social Commentary

Civility and Humility

By Hari-kirtana | November 26, 2017

What happened to civility? One could of course argue that the world has always been a very uncivil place – particularly for people outside the dominant power structure – but I think most of us would agree that rampant public incivility has become the new normal. Perhaps it’s because this behavior is socially contagious; if not confronted by corrective feedback […]

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A Deeper Spirituality

By Hari-kirtana | October 3, 2017

At times it seems as if the world has gone off its rocker. Maybe it has. When the going gets tough it’s tempting to retreat from the world. And a respite may be just what we need from time to time, if for no other reason than to get our bearings before we try to navigate our way through another […]

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